About Our Services

Clear Vision Network offers complete podcast services including recording, editing, mastering, hosting and distribution. Let your community know you are there.

  1. Podcasts are recorded and distributed entirely remotely, following all official recommended guidelines for social distancing.
  2. Your community needs to be able to receive updates from you, and your podcast provides these updates to them anywhere and anytime.
  3. Podcasts bring communities together over shared circumstances, interests and stories. Help put the minds of your community at ease by conducting thoughtful conversations around community building, support, and optimism for the future of work and the people that comprise our workforce.
  4. Your job seekers need to know how they can effectively use this downtime. Offer them tips on resume editing, cover letter writing, and more.
  5. Many members of your community are without work because of Covid-19. Use your podcast to share resources for job searching right now.
  6. Unemployment is on the minds of many. Let your community know what steps they need to follow to apply for unemployment insurance.
  7. Is your staff struggling to acclimate to a work-from-home situation? Use your podcast to educate on best work-from-home practices and tips.
  8. Use your podcast as a platform to offer online training for personal and professional development.
  9. Local legislators are constantly updating new information and regulations. Create a segment for consistently providing accurate up to date information to your community.
  10. Experts of all kinds, from medical professionals to local officials are weighing in on how to best conduct our business and professional lives during this time. Bring them on to share tips, and advice.