About Michael Moran
and Clear Vision Network

Michael Moran in a recording studio. Acoustic tiles can be seen on the walls behind him.

Michael Moran’s love for radio and all things audio began when he would mimic newscasters and play DJ with the family vinyl collection at the age of four. Radio stations utilizing Michael’s talents included: WFMM FM and WITH AM, Baltimore, Maryland; WADB FM, Belmar, New Jersey; and WJRZ FM, Stafford Township New Jersey.

Michael owned and operated PAX Productions INC in Bayonne, NJ. Michael appeared on Sesame Street, educating millions of children and their parents about the role of a guide dog in enhancing the life of a blind individual’s orientation and mobility.

Michael negotiated and provided voice-overs for numerous businesses including American Express, Swanson Dinners, DeFeo Auto Dealerships, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Heldene Audio Tours.

Michael successfully worked with the Screen Actors Guild and casting directors to create opportunities for blind persons to work as on-screen actors in commercials, films and documentaries, providing commercial voice-overs and narrations.

As a Public Relations Consultant, Michael generated revenue for businesses, hospitals and professionals by designing and implementing strategic marketing campaigns, special promotions and a documentary film; achieving clients marketing goals by developing and managing relationships with representatives of public relations, TV, radio, print and media.

Michael increased revenue by developing, managing and maintaining long term professional relationships with key corporate decision makers, high profile sports figures, performing artists and entertainment industry executives. Michael negotiated profitable contracts with television, movie and radio entities resulting in writing, producing, and narrating scripts for television/radio documentaries, commercials and webcast productions.

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