Website Launch Announcement

Michael Moran Founder of Clear Vision Network is Pleased to Announce… Today we have a reason to celebrate here at Clear Vision Network. We are pleased to announce the opening of our new and accessible website. Thanks to the dedicated work of Taylor Arndt, Founder of Taylors Accessibility Services LLC, we are up and … Read more

About Our Services

Clear Vision Network offers complete podcast services including recording, editing, mastering, hosting and distribution. Let your community know you are there. Podcasts are recorded and distributed entirely remotely, following all official recommended guidelines for social distancing. Your community needs to be able to receive updates from you, and your podcast provides these updates to them … Read more

How long does it take to edit a podcast?

Here at Clear Vision Network. we do not use shortcuts, we do all audio engineering by hand. No automated magic robots that process your podcast episode in 20-minutes and call it “engineering” or “mastering”. We give our clients our time and full attention. The first part of what we do is edit for content. This … Read more

I was born with radio in my ears

We had a big radio in our living-room with lots of buttons and dials. I loved the sound of the speaker. I loved to feel the bass tones I heard in my hand and in my bones. I was often scolded for putting my hands behind the radio to see how the tubes were arranged … Read more