How long does it take to edit a podcast?

Here at Clear Vision Network. we do not use shortcuts, we do all audio engineering by hand. No automated magic robots that process your podcast episode in 20-minutes and call it “engineering” or “mastering”. We give our clients our time and full attention.

The first part of what we do is edit for content. This is when we listen to your episode and remove things like awkward pauses, mistakes, “umm”s, “ah”s, and things you specifically tell us that you want cut out (if applicable).

To listen to 1-hour of audio takes one hour. To listen to 1-hour of audio while stopping to make edits takes more than one hour. If we listen for 30-seconds and spend 1-minute making a really tight edit and applying a crossfade to hide the cut, it just took us one-minute and thirty-seconds to listen to 30-seconds of audio. 1-hour of audio usually takes 2.5 hours to edit. Some engineers choose to speed this process up by accelerating the playback to1.5x, 2x, or, if you can believe it, 3x speed. Of course, we CAN do this, and we DON’T do this. We are not trying to do a quick job; we do a good job.

The second part of what we do is the engineering bit. This is where we implement boosts and cuts to each speaker’s voice to make them sound as present and rich as possible. It’s also where we apply noise gates, vocal de-noising, de-clicking, and all sorts of other neat modifications. 

The last part of the editing and engineering part is the master. Mastering any audio properly requires that you listen to the audio and adjust levels on the fly through a print bus as the audio is “printed to track”.

At this point we’ve spent about 3-hours on your podcast episode.

Next, we transcribe the audio to text using software. We create three 30-second audiograms (fully custom) for you to use in promotion during the week of release. Finally, your audio and transcription files are uploaded to your podcast hosting provider and your podcast is scheduled for release at the time and date you specify.

We at Clear Vision Network are very much looking forward to working with you to make your project perfect.

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