I was born with radio in my ears

We had a big radio in our living-room with lots of buttons and dials. I loved the sound of the speaker. I loved to feel the bass tones I heard in my hand and in my bones. I was often scolded for putting my hands behind the radio to see how the tubes were arranged and how the stations changed from one to the other. I wanted to know how it all worked.

From a very early age I couldn’t get enough of listening to the disc jockeys and the newsmen. At four years old I had no idea what they were talking about but it didn’t matter.

The radio dramas were the best. I drew so many pictures with big dimensions in my head. I was there. I was riding with the Lone Ranger. I helped the Shadow subdue the criminals. I was Marshall Dillan. I was also the Cisco Kid.

I had a 78 RPM turntable and I was often found pretending I was a DJ spinning the music. I played all the records we had; not very many but certainly a variety. The collection had everything from country to big band to early doo-wop.

I drove my mother crazy because I couldn’t understand why the switch on my record-player made a noise and the man on the radio had one that didn’t make a sound. 

My Mom tried everything to help me. She put different layers of tape and different kinds of tape on the on-off switch to quiet the noise. Needless to say nothing worked. 

Eventually when my Mother won a three speed record-player I found a way to put the speed control in neutral and then put it in gear to start the music.

It wasn’t until I got into my college radio station that I learned how to slip-start a record.

I loved radio and everything about it from the music to the news and the entertainment. I loved learning about all the behind the scenes workings. I loved the newsroom, the teletype machines, the control boards, the various microphones, the tape machines, the cart machines and the record libraries.

Preparing for a show filled me with as much joy as putting the program on the air. Bringing commercials to life in the production room was more fun for me than hitting the slot machines in a gambling casino.

Today I enjoy building and developing podcasts, audio projects and working with customers who whish to grow their business. I get so much pleasure when I see them grow and prosper.

We at Clear Vision Network would love to share that joy with you by helping you to produce podcasts and audio projects you will be proud to present to your audience.


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