Our Services

In the foreground various pieces of audio recording and mixing equipment are on a table. In the background two computer monitors can be seen with audio editing software open

Podcasts will help enhance your public image, boost financial contributions, boost sales, and help grow your volunteer force. Podcasts reach your target audience while driving, exercising, performing housework, eating and just relaxing.

Clear Vision Network provides help in two ways:

  • Full Production: Best for people or businesses who want a podcast without the work.
  • Technical: Editing, Show Notes, and Transcriptions): Best for those who need help with specific parts of the process.

We are a full-production service. We handle EVERYTHING: the planning, producing, distributing and marketing. We break our detailed process into four categories: Plan, Produce, Promote, and Progress.

  1. Plan: We learn, research, structure, and handle the details of everything including structure, format, and style of your podcast.
  2. Produce: We record, create, edit, tag, and upload the files to your media host so you need only review it before it goes live.
  3. Promote: We write the show notes, add a post to your website, and distribute to your podcast feed so you can integrate it into your newsletter. We also give your guests everything they need to share your podcast with their audience, so you can maximize your exposure.
  4. Progress: We provide statistics including how many times your podcasts have been downloaded, by location, popular times of day, devices being used and more.

One hour of audio usually takes four hours in total. We create a 30-second promo for you to use in promotion during the week of release. Your podcast is scheduled for release on the date and time you specify. After discussing your needs and wishes the costs remain constant. Once we agree on format, content, types of guests, goals and objectives, we will be off and running.

Stand Out From Competitors With a Professional Jingle or Jingles

Promote your new product, your new service, or rebrand a great product or service with an attention-grabbing jingle.

A jingle is a short song or tune used in advertising, known as sound branding ; creating a memorable hook by using a slogan. Ad buyers use jingles in radio and television commercials and to establish or maintain a brand image. Some jingles have snippets of popular songs with modified lyrics to advertise products and services. Many products would not exist today were they not introduced and branded with catchy jingles including: cereals, candies, snacks, soda, beer, deodorants, mouthwash, shampoo, toothpaste, and laundry detergent; plus big ticket items like cars, trucks, computers, smartphones, kitchen appliances and many things throughout your home.

Don’t forget restaurants, amusement parks, airlines, new medicines, lawyers, jewelers and other commercials you have seen and still remember.

Contact us today to see how Michael can help you promote your brand, products and/or services with an effective and memorable jingle.